Our law school and Taizhou People's Procuratorate jointly signed a cooperation agreement on the "331" plan for the youth elite
Release time : 2017-09-01         Viewed : 13

On the afternoon of August 28, 2017, the 331 plan for the youth elite was held in Taizhou People's Procuratorate. Our dean Liu yanhong, vice dean Ouyang Benchi, vice dean Li Yuxing, and professor Chen Hongbing, professor Li Chuan, associate professor Wang Lusheng and associate professor Xiong Zhanglin attended the event. On behalf of our law school, dean Liu and Taizhou People's Procuratorate jointly signed the project cooperation agreement about implementing 331 plan for the youth elite. Seven teachers in our law school were hired as career mentors for youth elites in Taizhou People's Procuratorate.

At the ceremony, dean Liu delivered a speech. She spoke highly of this plan launched by Taizhou People's Procuratorate and she will not live up to the great trust from Taizhou People's Procuratorate. Professor Liu said that our law school has the strict attitude in teaching and training, project cooperation and resource-sharing. Our law school constantly explores new study models between universities and procuratorates and tries to make new standard for this kind of cooperation.

    According to this cooperation agreement, our law school will arrange some superior teachers to tutor 30 young policemen of Taizhou People's Procuratorate in the next three years. They will jointly cooperate to study law theory subjects, discuss the difficult cases and help these young policemen to deal with procuratorial problems in practice. 

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