The first Guo Bingwen Experimental Class of Humanities held its orientation meeting successfully
Release time : 2017-09-05         Viewed : 13

    With new school season’s coming, the Guo Bingwen Experimental Class of Humanities met its 261 new students for the first time, and held an orientation meeting in the conference hall of Jizhong Building, Jiulonghu Compass on September 2nd. Professor Liu Yanhong, the dean of Law School of Southeast University, along with professor Meng Hong and associate professor Li Yuxing attended the meeting.

    Fistly, professor Liu Yanhong expressed her sincere welcome and congratulation to all the new students who entered the Guo Bingwen Class. Dean Liu Yanhong reviewed the history of our Law School. Then she introduced the development of law school in the aspect of teaching staff, scientific achievement and academic exchange. “The Law School is a place with its story, and also where you can pursue the value of fairness and justice,” said professor Liu. She encouraged students to fight for The Chinese Dream. 

    The establishment of Guo Bingwen Class is an important reform under the “Excellent Liberal Arts” Strategy. It is named after the first president of Southeast University Guo Bingwen, who is honored as “Father of University in Modern times of China”. The class breaks the bounds of different majors, and it includes philosophy, arts, management, politics, economy, law majors and so on. The students of Guo Bingwen Class will learn the same classes in the fressman year, and in sophomore year they will chose a major depends on their interest and grades.

    It is known that there are 261 students, coming from 21 provinces and 12 nationalities, entering the first Guo Bingwen Class. The establishment of the class will promote the development of the Law School even the Southeast University from all aspects, such as teaching idea, training talents, teaching material and system.

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