The Council of the Alumni Association of the law school was held in the Four Archway campus
Release time : 2018-01-26         Viewed : 46

In January 21, 2018, the Council of alumni associations of the law school was held in the four archway campus. Professor Liu Yanhong, the dean of law school, Professor Meng Hong, more than 60 alumni, Teacher Cao Jun and Teacher Xu Hongju attended the meeting.

President Liu Yanhong introduced the development of the law school for the alumni. Professor Meng Hong reported to the Council on the work of the Alumni Association for a year. Many alumni have expressed their hopes for the future development of the law school.

Director Cao Jun believes that law school is the youngest and most dynamic school in our university. The law school has made great development in recent years, which can not be separated from the support of the alumni.


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