The ceremony of the development fund of the law school was held in law school
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In January 21, 2017, Professor Liu Yanhong, the dean of law school,  Chen Haixiang, 2008 On-the-job master of law school in the southeast universityDirector of Beijing de Heng (Suzhou) law firm, Mr. Xu Hongju and Mr. Cao Jun attended this donation ceremony.

The Development Fund of law school began in Shanghai Alumni Association, and it established in March 31, 2017. At present, there are 18 subsidiary funds, with a cumulative amount of over 2 million 500 thousand yuan. In addition, Chen Haixiang donated 200 thousand yuan.

President Liu Yanhong pointed out that the support of alumni gave greater impetus to the teachers and students in the school. She expressed her gratitude to alumni on behalf of the law school, and hoped that the alumni would continue to give more attention and support to the law school.

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