A new starting point of the new semester: the meeting of law school freshmen tutors in 2020 was held smoothly
Release time : 2020-09-27         Viewed : 13

Autumn rain, passion does not reduce. On September 10, the meeting of Professor Liu Yanhong's freshmen tutors was successfully held in the conference room of the law school. At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Liu led the 2019 level master's students to express a warm welcome to all 2020 level doctoral and master's students.            

After that, Mr. Liu put forward ardent hopes for the future of graduate students, pointing out that Southeast University, as an excellent double first-class university platform, provides a good support for the future development of students; the Law School of Southeast University is an important force for the country to cultivate talents in the rule of law, so we should live up to the expectations and make contributions to the cause of the rule of law in China.            

Then, Mr. Liu stressed that law school students should have considerable writing ability, and freshmen should also have the courage to create, dare to make mistakes, and gradually improve their writing level and academic ability. At the same time, he was concerned about Freshmen's adaptation to life, and pointed out that they could always ask for help when encountering any difficulties, and the law school teachers would provide the students with maximum help.            

Finally, Mr. Liu signed and presented the new book to all the freshmen, and hoped that the students would bear the honor and responsibility with the idea of the utmost good, and move towards a higher and better platform and future. So far, the meeting of 2020 freshmen tutors came to a successful conclusion in the warm applause of the students. The meeting not only quickly shortened the distance between teachers and students, but also provided a clear direction for students' learning situation and future planning.

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