2020 Southeast WeChat official account platform operation volunteers meeting held successfully
Release time : 2020-09-27         Viewed : 13

On the afternoon of September 16, 2020, the working conference of Southeast China Law official account for WeChat public platform was successfully held at the conference room of the four floor of law school, Southeast University. The conference was presided over by Liu Yanhong, Dean of the law school. The 2018 level master students and the 2019 level master students who have joined the platform operation participated in the meeting.            

First, President Liu Yanhong summarized the operation of the official account of southeast law in 2019 - 2020. In the past year, the Institute held the high-end international forum on experience of corruption governance in transition countries, the third seminar on research and application of legal big data and other large-scale academic conferences, academic lectures, and online propaganda during the epidemic season in 2020. One activity cannot do without the busy figure of WeChat's official account of the Southeast University of law, which reflects their high sense of participation and responsibility.            

Then, Liu gave high recognition to the contribution of southeast legal platform volunteers in these activities, thanked the 2018 grade masters Zhang Ruihan, Li Ying and Jia Jinwen for their painstaking efforts, and presented the exclusive water cups of the college, meaning that the cups of lifetime were full of the deep feelings that were remembered in the official account. Liu said that the 2019 class students participated in the pushing work of many academic activities under the guidance of the 2018 grade school elder sister. They achieved good results. They encouraged and hoped the new 2019 grade volunteers Wu Ying, Liu Yuan, Ji Chenjia and Tan Xiaoqin. They hope that the operation of the official account platform will continue to be strengthened through joint efforts of the big family, and the Southeast Asian law education philosophy and learning will be strengthened. The characteristics of technical research and personnel training spread further, attracting more outstanding talents to join the southeast law family.         

Looking back, in the southeast legal education propaganda team's efforts, Southeast law has won numerous applause and praise, but the volunteers' silent dedication of official account is worth praising, and the dedication spirit is worth guarding and passing on. Looking forward to the future, let's continue to set sail, let the sound of southeast law spread farther and louder!

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