The lunch meeting of the dean of the 2020 doctoral candidates was held smoothly
Release time : 2020-09-27         Viewed : 13

On September 18, 2020, the luncheon for the dean of the 2020 doctoral candidates was held in the conference room on the fourth floor of Law School of Southeast University. President Liu Yanhong and more than 20 doctoral students from various disciplines gathered together.            

In the new semester and new journey, President Liu Yanhong first warmly welcomed all the doctoral students to enter the southeast law research family. He pointed out that although Southeast University is the university with the highest requirements for doctoral achievements in China, as long as the students carry out scientific research in a down-to-earth manner, master the correct research methods, standardize the path of academic writing, and the purpose of running academic journals, it is necessary for the students to carry out scientific research in a down-to-earth manner Characteristics and style, you can be familiar with the road, improve your scientific research ability.            

Later, President Liu thought that the publication of C journal articles would be helpful for students' future employment, because our university's high-level graduation requirements far higher than other colleges and universities have created high-quality talents, and high-quality scientific research strength will also help students to excel in the development of employment. Southeast law not only has obvious advantages in traditional disciplines, but also has distinctive interdisciplinary subjects such as judicial big data, Engineering Law and medical law and many provincial and ministerial level research bases. These advantages also build a good platform for students' scientific research creation, academic writing and academic innovation, so as to improve their scientific research and academic ability.           

 Our college has always given priority to the cultivation of high-quality talents. I believe that all doctoral students will be able to acquire high-level scientific research ability and academic writing ability in Southeast law, so as to become high-quality legal high-end talents in line with social development and boost the construction of a legal society.

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