Director Shan Pingji of our college is the keynote speaker of the seminar on civil code theory of Southeast University
Release time : 2020-09-27         Viewed : 13

On the afternoon of September 18, the seminar on civil code theory of Southeast University was held in runliang lecture hall of Jiulonghu campus. Professor Shan Pingji, director of civil procuratorial research base of Southeast University and doctoral supervisor of law school, was invited to give a special lecture on system innovation, understanding and application of civil code. The school leaders and the leading cadres at or above the deputy department level participated in the study. The meeting was presided over by Zheng Jiamao, deputy secretary of the University Party committee.            

From the perspective of the rule of law in social governance, Shan Pingji explained the compilation process, significance, basic style and system development of the civil code in detail. Combined with the actual cases, he interpreted the important articles of the civil code, and specially described the newly added or important improved systems, and expounded a series of new provisions, new concepts and new spirits.           

 Zheng Jiamao said that the civil code of the people's Republic of China is the first law named after the code since the founding of new China. It is of great responsibility to publicize, implement and safeguard the civil code. The whole school should form a strong atmosphere of abiding by the law, learning the law, abiding by the law and using it, so as to promote the harmonious and orderly development of the school and society.

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