Professor Liu Yanhong's achievements were selected into the national achievements Library of philosophy and Social Sciences in 2019
Release time : 2020-09-27         Viewed : 13

On September 23, 2020, the National Office of philosophy and Social Sciences announced the list of candidates for the national database of achievements in philosophy and Social Sciences in 2019. After expert review, social publicity and approval by the national leading group of philosophy and Social Sciences, a total of 78 achievements were selected. Among them, the research achievement of Professor Liu Yanhong of our college, research on Legal dogmatics of cyber crime, was successfully selected.          

The purpose of the National Library of achievements in philosophy and social sciences is to focus on the achievements representing the highest level of philosophy and social sciences research in China at this stage, give full play to the exemplary role of outstanding achievements and talents in philosophy and social sciences research, and commend the selected authors.            

This selection is another proof that our college attaches great importance to scientific research ability and academic innovation, and will continue to encourage our college to make continuous progress in building national academic quality and high-level scientific research achievements, boost the construction of double first-class in our university, so as to promote the further prosperity and development of Philosophy and Social Sciences in China.

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