The national key R & D plan project "Research on integrated convenient service technology and equipment for the whole process of litigation" led by our hospital successfully passed the subject performance evaluation
Release time : 2021-09-27         Viewed : 13

On September 18, 2021, the performance evaluation meeting of the key R & D plan project of the Ministry of science and technology Research on integrated convenient service technology and equipment for the whole process of litigation led by the Law School of Southeast University was successfully held in Zhishan hall, Jiulong Lake Hotel, Southeast University. The meeting was led by Zhou Minzheng, deputy director of the National Information Center, senior engineer, Professor Zhou Yong, deputy director of the Institute of crime prevention of the Ministry of justice, Professor Yue Caishen, vice president of Southwest University of political science and law, researcher Guo Zongming, director of WangXuan Computer Research Institute of Peking University, Professor Luo Bin, vice president of the school of software of Nanjing University Professor Yang Xiaochun, School of computer science and engineering, Northeastern University and Professor Li Fenfei, School of law, Renmin University of China are members of the subject performance evaluation expert group. More than 30 people attended the meeting, including Professor Zhou Youyong, the project leader, Mao Huixi, the party secretary of the law school, the project leader and research backbone of 6 projects under the project. The meeting was presided over by Professor Wang Lusheng, deputy director (presiding) of Social Sciences Department of Southeast University.

At the meeting, Professor Wang Lusheng, the host, first expressed thanks to the review experts and project team members attending the meeting on behalf of the project leader.

Then, Professor Zhou Youyong, the project leader, gave an overall introduction to the overall situation of the project, project organization management and fund management, project results summary and review meeting arrangement.

Then, the person in charge of each subject reported in detail the research background and research objectives, research progress and research innovation, research results and application demonstration, organization management and fund use of the subject.

On the basis of carefully listening to the report of the subject and carefully reviewing the materials, the performance evaluation experts questioned the relevance between the subjects, the innovation and relevance of the results, and conducted a comprehensive performance evaluation on each subject. After evaluation, the expert group believes that the six topics of the project have completed the R & D tasks and assessment indicators, and it is unanimously agreed that each topic has passed the performance evaluation.

At the end of the meeting, Zhou Min, leader of the review expert group, made a concluding speech, hoping that all research groups will highly refine and improve the results according to the assessment indicators of the project assignment and expert opinions, so as to make full preparations for the upcoming project acceptance.

It is reported that since the project was launched in 2018, the Law School of Southeast University has cooperated with the computer school of Southeast University, Tsinghua University, China judicial big data research institute, Ali artificial intelligence laboratory and other units involved in the project to tackle key problems in a serious and rigorous manner. After three years of implementation, The project has completed all the research contents and assessment indicators listed in the plan assignment at a high level, and made a positive contribution to the construction of an integrated smart court for the convenience of the people.

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