Associate Professor Yi Bo of our college was invited to participate in the Suzhou round table on intellectual property protection
Release time : 2021-09-27         Viewed : 13

On September 22, 2021, the round table on intellectual property protection of one stop protection intimate service sponsored by China (Suzhou) intellectual property protection center and Suzhou Branch of national overseas intellectual property dispute response guidance center was held in Suzhou. The meeting released and interpreted the local standards for intellectual property protection in the code for risk prevention of intellectual property rights of enterprises participating in exhibitions. In order to help Suzhou enterprises deal with overseas intellectual property disputes calmly, the conference held a theme activity of going global strategy and intellectual property dispute response. Yi Bo, associate professor of our college, was invited to attend the meeting and delivered a keynote speech on intellectual property risks and prevention of Chinese enterprises' exports to the United States in the post epidemic era.

Associate Professor Yi Bo analyzed the consumption habits and characteristics of the American people in the post epidemic era and the current business opportunities of trade with the United States to the participating enterprises, and pointed out that even though there are many difficulties in exporting products to the United States, Chinese enterprises should not easily give up the U.S. market. Associate Professor Yi Bo introduced the 337 investigation system of the US International Trade Commission and the intellectual property litigation cases involving many Chinese sellers of Amazon e-commerce platform in the federal North District Court of Illinois and the federal South District Court of New York. In combination with the anti foreign sanctions law and the measures for blocking the improper extraterritorial application of foreign laws and measures issued and implemented by China this year, Associate Professor Yi Bo proposed to the participating enterprises to coordinate the foreign-related and domestic rule of law, deal with the abuse of intellectual property rights by the United States and suppress normal commercial competition, and oppose the abuse of rights while resolutely protecting intellectual property rights.

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