Our college successfully held a symposium on the revision of graduate scholarship evaluation rules
Release time : 2021-09-27         Viewed : 13

On September 22, 2021, the law school successfully held a symposium on the revision of the implementation rules for graduate academic scholarship and national scholarship evaluation by combining online and offline. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Liu Qichuan, deputy secretary of the Party committee and vice president of the Institute. The postgraduate tutors represented Mr. Gao Ge, Mr. Ouyang Benqi, Mr. Xiong Zhanglin, Mr. Hu Chaoyang and Mr. Yu Wenjie, the representatives of the learning team, Mr. Fei Qianqian, Mr. Ruan Fangfang and 15 student representatives from various classes of graduate students of the college attended the meeting.

At the first stage of the meeting, Mr. Liu Qichuan introduced the revision background and main contents of the detailed rules for the implementation of scholarship evaluation. He pointed out that on the basis of widely soliciting suggestions on the improvement of the three normative texts, the meeting sorted out 15 key issues of common concern, which was used as the outline of the meeting for discussion. The purpose of this revision is to promote the existing rules to be more operational, normative and contemporary. Then, he introduced the composition proportion and source of the participants, and pointed out that the representatives of the meeting were fully broad and representative.

In the second stage of the meeting, the teacher representatives and student representatives focused on the 15 key issues collected before the meeting and most concerned by students for discussion one by one. The meeting fully discussed the issues that students pay close attention to, such as the recognition of the score of cooperative works among students, the participation of an article in multiple reports, the recognition of the score of the meeting, and all teachers and student representatives fully expressed their opinions.

In the third item of the meeting, the delegates discussed other issues that need to be revised, and the student representatives also put forward other issues of concern to each class. After full discussion, all teachers made relevant replies.

The successful convening of this meeting has improved the democratization and scientization of the scholarship evaluation index and system, effectively promoted the legalization of the college's student work, and played a good guiding role in the college's graduate training and management. After the meeting, the student work office of the law school will summarize the results of the meeting and incorporate the consensus opinions and suggestions into the existing rules, so as to take this opportunity to improve the quality of graduate training in our school.

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