Our institute won 8 National Social Science Fund projects in 2021
Release time : 2021-09-27         Viewed : 13

On September 24, 2021, according to the latest announcement issued by the national philosophy and Social Sciences work office, the annual projects and youth projects of the National Social Sciences Foundation in 2021 have completed the procedures of acceptance and application, preliminary communication evaluation, conference review and online publicity. With the approval of the national philosophy and social Sciences work leading group, the list of project projects is now published. The number of proposed projects announced this year is 4650, of which 4 are not approved because they do not meet the project conditions, and 4 are suspended. Now, 4642 projects are announced.

In the annual project of the National Social Science Fund in 2021, the research on the endogenous conflict and two-way reconciliation between big data and criminal justice chaired by researcher Wang Lusheng of our college won the key project, the research on the expansion of intellectual property governance obligations of large network platforms chaired by Professor Hu Chaoyang, and the research on the legal risk prevention mechanism of the list of rights and responsibilities chaired by Associate Professor Liu Qichuan, Research on the crime mechanism of private enterprises under the background of optimizing the business environment chaired by Associate Professor Qian Xiaoping, research on cross regional pollution prevention and control and response in the Yangtze River Economic Belt chaired by Associate Professor Liu Mingquan, research on the construction of interactive mechanism between domestic and foreign rule of law of China's foreign economic sanctions chaired by Associate Professor Yu Wenjie, chaired by Associate Professor Liu Jianli Research on criminal law regulation of biosafety risks from the perspective of active prevention won the general project. In the youth project of the National Social Science Foundation in 2020, the research on the civil procedure structure of personality right prohibition in the civil code chaired by Associate Professor Feng Yuqing won the youth project.

It is reported that the National Social Science Foundation project is the highest level humanities and social science project in China. It mainly supports research achievements with high academic weight, strong innovation and promoting discipline development. Our institute has always paid attention to establishing, prospering and strengthening institutes through scientific research , a number of national social science projects have been approved this time, which is a strong evidence of the scientific research strength of our college. It is conducive to further stimulate the scientific research enthusiasm of our faculty, create a good academic atmosphere in the college, and shape the overall scientific research competitiveness of the college, so as to greatly promote the discipline construction and development of the college.

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