Professor Chen Hongbing of our college was employed as the expert consultant of Guanghe Zhengdao team of Guangdong Guanghe (Dongguan) law firm and Dongguan "three person" criminal salon, and was invited to give a special lecture on frontier issues of
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On the afternoon of September 25, 2021, Chen Hongbing, professor and doctoral supervisor of the Law School of Southeast University, was invited to Guangdong Guanghe (Dongguan) law firm to give a special lecture on the frontier issues of joint crime, and participated in the 15th Dongguan three person criminal salon. Lawyer Gao Song, senior partner of Guangdong Guanghe (Dongguan) law firm, made an opening speech on behalf of Guanghe (Dongguan) law firm, Guanghe Zhengdao team and all members of the three people criminal salon, and expressed warm welcome and sincere thanks to Professor Chen Hongbing for his invited teaching.

During the 3-hour lecture, Professor Chen Hongbing introduced many typical cases, combined with the forefront of joint crime theory and judicial practice, on the theoretical premise of joint crime, the essence of accomplice, the punishment basis of accomplice, joint principal offender, indirect principal offender, neutral helping behavior, the principal of accomplice, inherited accomplice, one-sided opposite offender, one-sided joint principal offender This paper makes an in-depth analysis of the 14 key issues of joint crime: the joint crime of omission, the accomplice and identity, the separation of accomplice and the punishment principle of the ringleaders of criminal groups. Among them, Professor Chen Hongbing especially emphasizes the core guiding concepts to solve the problem of accomplice, such as the identification method of joint crime with lawlessness as the center, principal offender as the center and causality as the core. The solution of these accomplices is what defense lawyers urgently need to represent criminal cases. Professor Chen Hongbing's wonderful lecture not only shared the theoretical knowledge of joint crime, but also inspired the audience to pay more attention to professional theoretical support in practice. Professor Chen Hongbing's simple and passionate explanation won warm applause from the audience. During the exchange and interaction, Professor Chen Hongbing gave detailed answers to the questions raised by everyone. The atmosphere was very warm and the lecture was a complete success.

After the lecture, the Guanghe Zhengdao team of Guangdong Guanghe (Dongguan) law firm and the criminal Salon of Dongguan trio hired Professor Chen Hongbing as an expert consultant and held an appointment ceremony. The representatives of Guanghe Zhengdao team and the three people criminal salon awarded Professor Chen Hongbing the honorary appointment letter of expert consultant respectively.

Professor Chen Hongbing pointed out at the employment ceremony that he hoped to take this opportunity to encourage young criminal lawyers to study hard, practice hard, fully combine theory and practice, and make due contributions to China's lawyer cause and rule of law with the practice spirit of being professional, courageous and pioneering.

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