The Opening Ceremony of Southeast University College of Law 2021 was Held in the Lecture Hall of Ji Zhong Building on Jiulong Lake Campus.
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At noon on October 25, 2021, the orientation ceremony of Southeast University College of Law 2021 was held in the lecture hall of Jizhong Building, Jiulong Lake Campus, where new students from all over China gathered to start a new journey together. Mr. Mao Huixi, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Law School, Prof. Ouyang Benqi, Prof. Meng Hongzhi, Prof. Yin Ji, Prof. Gong Xianghe, Prof. Xiao Bing, Prof. Yang Dengfeng, Prof. Chen Youwu, Prof. Wang Lusheng, Prof. Xiong Zhanglin, Prof. Hu Chaoyang, Prof. Li Chuan and other teachers from various teaching departments attended the ceremony.

The opening ceremony was hosted by Associate Professor Liu Qichuan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of the College. In the sound of the National Anthem, the 2021 Law School Orientation Ceremony was officially opened.


Secretary Mao Huixi delivered a welcome speech to the new students with the title of Sailing to Dongda and Dreaming of the Future. First of all, Secretary Mao expressed a warm welcome to the students, and then gave a concise and focused introduction to the overview of the college, faculty, and disciplinary platform. In the speech, Secretary Mao encouraged the students to continuously build big pattern, insist on refining big character, strive to cultivate big feelings, and strive to combine personal development and value realization with Under the guidance of Xi Jinping's thought on the rule of law, they should accumulate strength for the modernization of national governance system and capacity, and strive to become a powerful force in the future.


In order to inspire the new students to strive for advancement in the new study stage and to guide them to abide by the morality of legal people, the college carefully prepared a book Life and Morality of Legal People by Mr. Liu Yanhong for each new student. The book contains various speeches, prefaces, postscripts and interviews given by Ms. Liu Yanhong, which are written with the perseverance of a legal person and the pursuit of the rule of law, hoping that the law students will sharpen their skills and take on the role of a legal professional. By presenting this book to the students, it is hoped that the new students of Southeast Law School can inherit the sentiment of Southeast University Law School, uphold the temperature and sharpness of legal people, cultivate family sentiment, independent thinking and innovative consciousness in their future life, and become qualified Southeast law students.


Afterwards, Mr. Mao Huixi, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Law School, and Professor Ouyang Benqi, Director of the Academic Committee, presented books to the new students and wished them a person with other people in their eyes and landscape in their hearts and a person with a rich life in their future career.


At the end of the ceremony, all the students and teachers sang the school song of Southeast University, and the opening ceremony of the new students was successfully concluded with the sound of the majestic school song.


In this ceremony, the academic staff team also prepared a signature wall for students and teachers to take photos and leave their own marks in Southeast Law Garden. At the same time, the academic staff team also customized an exclusive cola with the name of the new students for each new student, hoping that after drinking the cola, the new students can uphold the spirit of Southeast Law and start their study life and research journey in Southeast University Law School happily and happily.


The new journey is about to set sail, and the vow of youth needs to be realized by sweat. We believe that the new level of law students will strive to be the inheritors and practitioners of the spirit of stopping at the best of Southeast University, and gather the strength of Southeast Law School for the 1-10-100 Dream of Southeast University!

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