Law School Held a Conference for All Teachers to Focus on Teacher Moral and Teacher Style Education
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In the afternoon of Oct. 25, all teachers of the Law School held a conference on teacher morality and teacher style education in the lecture hall of Jizhong Building of Jiulong Lake Campus, with the theme of Adhere to the fundamental task of establishing moral education and be a 'four' good teacher. Secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Law Mao Huixi personally presided over and delivered the lecture.


Secretary Mao Huixi firstly preached the Party's education policy, led the teachers to review the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's series of important speeches, and asked all teachers to remember the General Secretary's trust, be strong in politics, deep in feelings, new in thinking, broad in vision, strict in self-discipline, and right in character, be a good teacher with ideals and beliefs, moral sentiments, solid knowledge, and a loving heart, and be a guide for students to refine their character, a guide for students to learn knowledge, a guide for students to think creatively, and a guide for students to devote themselves to the motherland.


After that, Secretary Mao read the Ten Guidelines on Professional Behavior of College Teachers in the New Era issued by the Ministry of Education, the Code of Conduct for Graduate School Tutors issued by the Ministry of Education, the Ten Prohibited Rules of Professional Ethics for Graduate School Tutors in Jiangsu Province (for trial implementation), and the Measures for Handling Teacher Misconduct of Southeast University (for trial implementation). Teachers are explicitly required to adhere to the original intention of establishing moral education, fulfill the requirements of teacher ethics in strict accordance with the regulations, continuously improve their teaching ability and moral sentiment, and be the guide of students; teachers of Southeast University must be generous in their feelings, practice, moral integrity, and righteousness, selflessly nurture students with sincere benevolence, adhere to the bottom line of teacher ethics, nurture people for the Party, nurture talents for the country, and cultivate leading talents of moral, intellectual, physical, and aesthetic development. socialist leading talents in the rule of law.


Finally, Secretary Mao Huixi concluded: People should be a little weather, the quality of education in the end is the quality of people, is the quality of teachers and students. People engaged in education should be a little weather. We should be self-improvement, virtue, love and greatness, practice, we should always have the air of heaven and earth in our hearts, so that the air of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation often rise in the chest, people will be tall up, the backbone will be hard. When our teachers righteousness, virtue and talent to improve the overall, students can benefit for life, the quality of talent cultivated is the most remarkable wealth. Let us insist that the ideal is in the post, the faith is in the action, perseverance, perseverance and courage!

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