Graduate Student Union of Law School Organizes Patriotism Education Activities
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    The year of 2013 is the 76th anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre by the Japanese invaders. Taking this as an opportunity, graduate student unions of law school, mechanical engineering department and Marxism school hold an elaborate memorial.

    The activities started in late November this year. First of all, a photo exhibition in honor of the compatriots killed in the massacre was held in the school library. On display are all precious historical pictures, which record the heinous crimes committed by Japanese troops in the war of aggression against China, such as insulting and killing innocent civilians in Nanjing, deliberately trampling upon the Chinese nation, and the experiments in germ warfare. By watching the photos on display, students deeply mourned the compatriots and reviewed the history. The exhibition warned students to remember the history and our national humiliation. It also reminded us to be prepared for danger even in times of safety, to study hard, and to struggling for the revitalization of China. The pictures are silent, but they can tell us the truth. We hope through this pure, serious, straightforward way, we can express our condolences and raise people's thinking. When each passing students stopped and stared at the photos, we could feel the patriotic enthusiasm surging up quietly in their heart. During the photo exhibition, we also supplied paper and pens for the students to write there feelings.

    On December 6, a patriotism video show was held in a classroom of the JiZhong building. The video truly reproduced the war times. It showed how cruel the war was and how deep the hurts they brought to the Chinese people are. It also expressed the strong desire for peace of the people at the same time. This activity let the students remember our national humiliation. It inspired us to work hard, be against the war, and cherish the peace.

    On December 7, despite the fog was extremely serious, nearly 400 students, including the graduate students from law school, still gathered at the JiaoTingbiao square. The Party representatives read a thought provoking poem and the student representative made an impassioned speech. The activity started solemnly in their words. After that the students went to visit the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall wearing flag stickers and each holding a chrysanthemum in their hands. They held a wreath-laying ceremony in front of the monument, mourning for the dead and praying for the peace of the world. Afterwards, the Party member students revisit their oath and solemnly swear: they will be determined to talent and serve the motherland; they will never forget the national humiliation and the revitalization of the Chinese.

    December 13 was the 76th anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre. That night, nearly hundred students, including students from law school, lit the candles grouped in the shape of “12.13” and “76” in front of the library. The students deep mourned the victims of the Nanjing Massacre in the candlelight. We can't forget the shame of yesterday and we know that our only way out is to constantly strive to become stronger. We are eager to complete the great mission of revitalization of the Chinese on our own. Inspire of our anger and aggrievedness, we still have a strong desire to build a peace world. We can't forgive, but we still devote ourselves to maintaining the peace of the world. We hope that the people of the world can coexist with each other peacefully and develop together. May the dead rest in peace, and may the world peaceful forever.

    So far, the series of commemorative activities end successfully. All the students including our schoolmates from law school will always remember that we should not forget national humiliation, and try our best to rejuvenate the Chinese nation. This series of activities is meaningful and extraordinary.

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