Professor Liu Yanhong's achievements were selected into the national achievements Library of philosophy and Social Sciences in 2019
Teachers of big data team of our college attended the 3rd online international forum of computational law
Liu Yuan, a student from law school, won the final prize of the sixth career planning competition of Southeast University
Director Shan Pingji of our college is the keynote speaker of the seminar on civil code theory of Southeast University
The lunch meeting of the dean of the 2020 doctoral candidates was held smoothly
Professor Yin Ji was invited to hold a special lecture on "internal supervision and restriction of procuratorial organs and application of case handling rules" in Shuyang County People's Procuratorate
2020 Southeast WeChat official account platform operation volunteers meeting held successfully
Professor Tao Xiaodong, President of Law School of Ningbo University and his party visited our college for investigation
Peng Fenglian, vice president of Anhui Normal University
Tong Zhifeng, President of Law School of Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics
Professor Liu Lianjun of our college was invited to attend the first "legislative frontier workshop" and the academic seminar of "the 20th anniversary of the passing of the legislative law and the 5th anniversary of the legislation on the expansion o
Students of Southeast University won the third prize of "national university legal science and technology innovation competition"
Professor Yin Ji of the Chinese Academy of law was invited to attend the seminar on the new mode of Internet judicature and the transformation of legal documents
A new starting point of the new semester: the meeting of law school freshmen tutors in 2020 was held smoothly
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