Wei wensong, doctoral student of our college, won the outstanding Thesis Award of CAI Dingjian on constitutional law in 2020
Teachers and students fight against the epidemic by law!
The 9th "Dean's Luncheon" and "mid term teaching inspection forum" held smoothly
Wang Lusheng, researcher of our college, was invited to attend the high-end forum on rule of law and reform and law education forum in the digital age (2020)
Professor Xiao Bing of one belt, one road, was invited to participate in the Forum on legal cooperation between the Soviet Union and Shaanxi Province.
Professor Xiao Bing and others attended the founding meeting and 2020 annual meeting of the Maritime Law Research Association of Jiangsu law society
Good news: our students have made great achievements in the fifth provincial final of "learning the Constitution and stressing the constitution" in Jiangsu Province
Professor Yin Ji and Yu Lishen attended the Symposium on "modernization of judicial system and judicial capacity in the new era"
Good news: the youth volunteer service program competition of Jiangsu Province won the second prize of our college's youth volunteer service program competition in 2019
The course of jurisprudence was selected into the first batch of national first-class undergraduate courses
Our judicial big data team held the seventh reading meeting
Our college won the award of excellent organization unit of the 17th Yangtze River Delta law forum
Our teachers were elected deputy director and director of the case management professional committee of the procuratorial Research Association of China law society
The third big data and Internet law Youth Academic Salon was successfully held
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