School of law in southeast university (seu) boasts a long history. In 1928, School of Law was set up by National Central University (predecessor of Southeast University). Xie Guansheng, the famous jurist during the Republic of China, was the first president of Law School. In the old days, the Law School gathered a lot of humanities, celebrity-studded and it once became the crown of Southeast Law. In 1995, Southeast University had regained the Department of Law. And in 2006, School of Law was reconstituted. For about ten years development, the school size is growing and the educational quality is increasing. And now Law has become one of the key disciplines of Southeast University.
      The school now offers 5 Teaching and Research Section, (including Section of Jurisprudence Legal History, Section of Constitutional and Administrative Law, Section of Criminal Law, Section of Civil and Commercial Law, and Section of International Law), and 6 Academic and Research Institutions (Institute of Constitutional and Human Rights Law, Institute of Medical Law, Institute of Urban Law and Development, Institute of Comparative Law, Institute of Engineering Law and Institute of Criminal Law). Meanwhile, the school owns Master of Education Law Center, Legal Information Library, School Website and Supplementary Administrative Agency.
      Law and its research institutions dedicate to develop and stable the cooperative relationship with famous institutions both at home and abroad, strengthen the comparative study on two sides, comparative study on Mainland China and Hong Kong, and comparative study on Civil Law and Common Law to grasp the latest research results abroad in time, which has provided good conditions and modalities for this Discipline.
      The school focuses on training the students’ theoretical knowledge and the ability to apply. 1995 Class Group and 2000 Class Group were awarded the title of “National Advanced Class” by Ministry of Education and Central Mission. The college entrepreneurial team attended by our students won the Gold Medal of the “Challenge Cup” China Collegiate Business Plan Competition.

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