Our Graduate Student Team Wins the Second Place in the Fifth Graduate Student Debating Competition of Southeast University
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    On the evening of December 15, the final of the fifth graduate student debating competition of Southeast University was successfully held in four arches campus. The debate team of law school battled its way and successfully entered the final competition. Eventually, it won the second place. LiAng won the awards of “best debater” and “the most popular debater” while ZhaoBo was awarded the title of “best thoughts”.

    The competition has lasted for more than a month, and during this month more than one hundred student debaters from each department have shown their elegant on the stage. After a lot of competitions, our team steadily defeated the teams from foreign language school, faculty of humanities and art school and successfully entered the final. On the day, the two strong teams brought us a fantastic championship match, which was hosted by FanLin, the assistant to chairman of graduate student union. The competition also invited HuHanhui, chairman of the school’s labor union, and WuZirui, minister of culture department of graduate student union, to be the judge.

    Our team consisted of four debaters, LiAng, ZhaoBo, FangHao, LiLiu, was supporting the idea that students should be encouraged to start their own business right after they graduate from college. The team of architecture school was against this idea and the two teams had a very brilliant debating contest. The debate was divided into five parts including the opening order, inquiry and reply, grilled summary, free discussion and summary. At the beginning, our first debater stated the view naturally and gracefully. Soon afterwards, all the other debaters also did a good job with the smart dressing and their passionate words. In the section of inquiry and reply, debaters from both sides all fully displayed their advantages. The wonderful speeches from all the contestants pushed the whole competition to a climax. The most wonderful part of the debate was the free discussion. The atmosphere of the contest was vivid and active, and the splendid performance of the debaters deeply impressed the audience, which erupted in applause.

    Answering the questions from the judges was also an indispensible part of the competition. The judges asked some special questions to test debaters’ strain capacity. When answering the questions debaters from the both sides were all calm and cool. According to the debaters’ performance, the judges communicated with each other and gave their grades. At the same time, the audience questioned the debaters too, debaters also answered their questions carefully.

    After that, one of the judges made a closing statement for the competition. He gave objective comments for all the debaters, telling them their advantages as well as the disadvantages and gave them some valuable advice. He pointed out that what the debate tastes was not only the ability of logical thinking but also the ability of imaginal thinking. He also tell us that thinking a question in different ways could help people improve themselves and the highest end of debate was making use of the opponent’s idea.

    After a careful discussion among the judges, the host announced the result of the competition. The team of law school finally won the second place. LiAng won the awards of “best debater” and “the most popular debater” while ZhaoBo was awarded the title of “best thoughts”.

    This debating competition not only cultivates students’ ability of logical thinking, opens up our eyesight, and improves the quality of our daily life, but also teaches us the spirits of cooperation. It helps us lay the foundation for making a better performance when we step into the society.

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