Dumpling Party of Law School
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    The weather is getting colder in the early winter, to add much warmth and care to their college lives, the Student Association Life Department of SEU Law School host a Winter Dumpling Feast for the undergraduate students. And also for the purpose of welcoming those students who have finished CET4 and CET6.All the students of four grades get together cheerfully, creating and sharing the great party of food and delights.

    As a festive group activity of Law School Students, the Dumpling Feast gets much attention and expectation at the beginning of preparations. It's also thankful for the strong support from Tao Yuan Canteen. The food ingredients such as Flours、dumpling wrappers、and the essential salvers、dishes and chopsticks are all set at that very day early.

    This activity is content-rich and the process is very clear. The students divide into 8 groups, each group of 8 people. Besides experiencing the fun of making dumplings, they need to pick out the most good-looking dumpling and make this "candidate" participate in the competition with other groups. After that, these pretty dumplings are boiled. The heat of the atmosphere attracts so many students of other acadmies in canteen at the start of this activity. Along with the decrease of wrapper, the number of dumplings on the salver increases. Some of these tasty dumplings are nice-looking with orderly normal shape, whereas the others reflect personal creativities: tiny stuffed bun, shao-mai, sunflower shapes, tea-pot shapes and even the triangular shape stuffed with sugar!

    After having picked out the beautiful "artworks" of each group ,the students send these dumplings together to the exclusive window which is arranged by TaoYuan canteen. It takes a few minutes for the young to wait eagerly for tasting the delicious food. These steaming dumplings are so pretty and translucent with snow-white wrappers and fresh fragrant smiles. Everyone shares the fruit of labor of themselves in laughter. The atmosphere during the process is getting hotter and warmer accompanied by the hot steaming dumplings and the unstoppable enthusiasm of the students.

    The students are intimate and their creativities are everywhere during the two hours. The white flours leave nifty marks on the young faces; the tasty dumplings make great satisfactions to the appetites; the full love brings sweet warmth into everyone's heart.

    Our Law school is a big family with warm hearts and jollification, a great collective with vitalities and creativities, just like the dumpling feast in this cold winter. This special activity turns out to be an extraordinary and unforgettable memory of all the students in the early winter. 

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