The Fifty-fifth sports of Southeast University in 2013 —— Scenesof Law School
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The Fifty-fifth sports meeting of Southeast University was started in JiuLong Lake on Dec 2. The opening ceremony began at 9 in the Taoyuan Stadium.


At the grand opening ceremony, the phalanx of every college was so various that they were extremely impressive. The phalanx of the Law School, consisting of 42 freshmen, looked powerful and grandeur. With inspiring music broadcast, ZhouYouyong, Dean of the Law School, as well as other members of the leader group, marched in measured steps towards the platform, head high and chest out. Keeping an earnest expression on their faces and dressed in formal suit, they showed that they were legal professionals with great authority. The slogans echoed above the stadium. After getting into position, the phalanxes changed into a formation of the Chinese character “law”, symbolizing the greatness of law and demonstrating the belief and confidence of the legal professionals of Southeast University. In the sports, all the athletes from the Law School took an active part and strove for the honor of the school, obtaining two gold,one silver and two bronze, ranking the 10th of the second group with a total of 70, which was a breakthrough, compared with the total 58 of last year. Winners are as follows:

JiaoJianting         Long jump Men B Grade, First  9 points

                  Triple jump Men B Grade, Third   6 points

SuoNanwangjie     Softball Men B Grade, Fourth  5 points

YuQi             Triathlon Women B Grade, Second   14 points

BiJuncheng        200-metre Man B Grade, Eighth  1 point

HuangSiyu        100-metre hurdle Women B Grade, First   9 points

             Long jump Women B Grade, Third   6 points

ZhuHelen         High jump Women B Grade, Fifth    4 points

4*100metre Man B Grade, Fifth    8 points

10*100metre Man B Grade, Fifth    8 points


The Fifty-fifth sports see the hard work and the spirits of the solidarity and affection of all the athletes and their good team spirit. Congratulate our Law School on the amazing success! Hope we will make greater achievement in the next sports!

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