A battle of the bite of intelligence——students of our academy joining the second Moot court competition of Nanjing
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Yu Jiaxing,Yuan Yin, Zhang Fengqin took part into the second Moot court competition of Nanjing on 12 and 13 October,2013. The features of the debate competition were special with some vivid actual cases. Additionally, there was a new link in the final that raters will ask some questions which benefit the competitors and audiences. Students were so active in the link of questions of students which show their close attention to the competition and made it more significant..


In the court, our two students did their best to illustrate the examples and evidences, they performed more excellent than the NAU which was the undertaker during the Preliminary contest. Although, we were defeated by NJUST,the comment of raters helped our students find their drawbacks of their study. With help of study, it increased the communication between our students and students of other colleges.

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