Law School Graduates Volleyball Team wins the First Title of Volleyball League Champion
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It's a sunny but cold weather on November 13, 2013. The SEU 12th graduates volleyball league final was held passionately on the Orange Garden Sports Ground of JiuLongLake Campus. After a hard fought for nearly a month, law school graudate volleyball team won all the seven matches and got the champion cup gloriously at last. It was also the greatest historic record of the big three balls sports at law school.


At this season, our team drew a sign that never can be better, and knock out Materials Science and Engineering AcademyAcademy of Arts School of Foreign LanguagesSchool of Economics and Management by the same score 2:0,getting into the semi-final powerfully. The opponent of semi-final is the Academy of Computer Science who used to knock us out last season. Our players did full preparation and good teamwork at the match, and finally weed them out by double 25:18.At the final of Lake Campus, the law school team got the victory against School of Information Science by 28:2625:18,which meant that our team got into the finals of the whole three campuses.


14:30 in the afternoon, at the whistle rang, the exciting final match started. The two sides confronted fiercely at the beginning of the match. And none of them opened the gap at the first ten rounds, equalisers happened sometimes. Our team began to have the initiative at the middle of the match, widening the score gradually and won the first match by 25:22.


After a short rest, the second match turned out to be a close game, the score is very close that the biggest gap is no more than 3 points. During the process of game, the old captain LiJianJun got injured of his knees which made all the law school students worried. However, out team stood up to the pressure and won the second match by 26:24.


The third match was so important to each team that both side wanted to be the winner. At the beginning, our team lost 5 points ,but our players reversed the situation after a urgent pause to adjust. In the end ,the law school team took the victory by 25:17,with the great organization of HongXia and the powerful smash of LiJianJunLiuBoNieBaoBao.And finally our team won the champion by 3:0 and raised the trophy of the volleyball league championship for the first time!


This match also got high attention from the leader of law school. Our Party secretary professor MengHongoffice director ZhangNing and vice director of office of the school employment ShengPeiWen were all in attendance at the sports ground, cheering for our team all the time. It also received our previous elder graduate student's strong support and technical guidancebesides that, hundreds of undergraduates and postgraduates were along with the whole team from the beginning to the last end and became the strongest support to the volleyball team.


Meanwhile, in the usual training, by the guidance of the old captain LiJianJun, NieBaoBao, LiuBo, HongXia, GaoTing, YangQingsong, MaoShanShan,GuoXinyi,LiuYuan ,all the players were training hard as soon as they got the spare time. The whole team has kept a strong will to fight and struggle. They helped each other and cared for each other. Their interacting and persevering let us feel our team's strength and sports spirit.


To this stage, our team in the 12th graduate student of SEU volleyball league turns out to be a happy ending. We also sincerely thank to the sports university graduate student council staff and the judges for the organization work of the hard working, thank to the college of material science and engineering, college of art, foreign languages institute, institute of economic management, computer science and engineering institute, college of information science and engineering, college of electronic science and engineering for having the chance to enjoy the happiness of the volleyball ,thank to the leaders of law school and the postgraduate student union's support, and also much more thanks for all the players working hard and being industrious.


Let's work hard and continue to make the unremitting efforts for a more brilliant future in the coming year!


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