The third Chongming Cup Speech Contest successfully ended
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The third Chongming Cup Speech Contest successfully ended on April 11th 2014. After two and half an hour’s fierce competition, the contest drew a perfect end. The contest was well prepared by classmates from law school from the beginning to the end of the contest.

The volunteers for the contest came to the contest hall early in formal suits and they make a good preparation for the contest. The first session of the contest was the three-minute speech on the topics on warmth. The competitors delivered the speeches on friendship, and the relationship with relates and other moving stories of their own. The second session of the contest was the impromptu speech, the competitors had 30 seconds to show their opinions after reading a sentence or watching a video. The humor, creativity and joy was illuminated in this session and all audiences enjoyed it very much.

The volunteers witnessed so much moving moment and the best side of competitors on the stage. And the judges worked hard in the contest and they wanted to ensure the best performance of the competitors could be captured. The competitor--Li Jiapeng conquered the judges and audiences with his humor and excellent performance in the contest and finally won the first place of the contest. The competitor Ma Wenbo, who was from law school, won the second place of the contest. Ma Boqiao, Chen Zhuo and Ma Haitao won the third place of the contest.

We are looking forward to the Chongming Cup speech contest next year!

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