Law school women volleyball team won the finals
Release time : 2014-04-21         Viewed : 40


The finals of women volleyball competition was held on April 11th at the Tao Yuan playground. The cold weather cannot put down the enthusiasm of the team members to the game.

After nearly two weeks’ hard and careful practice and preparation to the game, the players were ready to try their best in the finals. Gao Ting, Hong Xia and Guo Xinyi played key roles in playing the game and training the rest of the players. From the first battle to the last one in finals, the law school women volleyball team members cooperated so well that they beat several strong teams and finally entered the finals.

In the finals, the teams continued showing their best side to play the game. The members gave presented a wonderful performance in the finals with the encouragement form audiences and fans. The law school finally beat the competitors 2:0 and won the champion of the women volleyball competition.

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