Recruitment of Re-examination Online Embody Fairness and Justice through the Screen: The Re-examination of the Online Video for the Admission of Master Students in the Law School of Southeast University in 2020 was Successfully Held
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According to the requirements for the re-examination work for postgraduate admissions of the Ministry of Education and the epidemic prevention and control work arrangements of Southeast University, combined with the Regulations and Requirements for the Re-examination Work for Master Postgraduates in 2020 of Southeast University, the 2020 re-examination and evaluation of the postgraduate admission network of law schools will be held on May 14-15. Under the guidance of the Research and Recruitment Office of Southeast University, a total of 75 candidates took part in this online video re-examination.

The retest work is extremely demanding and challenging, and the college attaches great importance to it. In order to ensure the safety, fairness and scientificity of the re-examination, the Law School has specially formulated the Working Regulations for the Recruitment of Postgraduate Examinations for 2020, and has established a postgraduate enrollment working group and supervision of the re-examination inspection, which are personally led by Dean Liu Yanhong and Secretary Mao Huixi. working team. Adopt the mode of overall management, division of responsibilities, responsibility to people, strict retest organization and management, and pay close attention to the whole process of retest work.

First of all, the smooth operation of the information system is the prerequisite for online re-examination work. To this end, the Law School has selected a number of capable young teachers to be the interview system operators. After many explorations, tests and drills, each staff member can be proficient in operating the main system of the graduate enrollment online interview platform and the ZOOM online video conference. system. Each re-examination team arranges two operators to be responsible for the on-site operation of the video interview system, ensuring the smooth progress of the re-examination work.

Second, the full play of the comprehensive assessment function is the key to the online re-examination work. Under the unified guidance of the school, the Law School revised the contents of the online re-examination, and conducted a comprehensive assessment of the candidate's professional, foreign language, scientific research and innovation capabilities, previous studies, consistent performance, comprehensive quality, etc. by way of written interviews and introduction of research plans.

Finally, process standardization is the guarantee for online re-examination work. The School of Law strictly follows the three random working mechanism of determining the order of candidates for re-examination randomly, determining the members of the tutor group randomly and selecting randomly selected re-examination questions. Retest in the designated standardized examination room classroom, monitor and record the whole process. At the same time, the law school also strengthened supervision. The College Inspectorate Team conducts complete supervision of the entire retest process through network monitoring to ensure that the retest is conducted in the sun.

During the re-examination period, President Zhang Guangjun of the Southeast University inspected the re-examination site of the law school's master admissions and put forward the requirement of strictly standardizing the whole process of the re-examination, not being lax, and ensuring that the remote re-examination is fair and just. Mao Huixi, secretary of the Party Committee of our college, introduced to President Zhang the specific work of the Law School under the guidelines of maintaining fairness and fairness in enrollment and being responsible to candidates.

Although the new crown epidemic has brought a whole new challenge to the postgraduate admission reexamination work, the new mode of postgraduate reexamination in 2020 is co-ordinated in the law school admissions work team, professional teachers and staff are carefully implemented, 75 reexamination students strictly follow the test discipline, and the closeness of the reexamination supervision team During the supervision, it was held safely and smoothly. All of these fully demonstrate the courage and ability of our hospital to continuously adapt to new models and meet new challenges.

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