Party Secretaries of Law Students Gathered for the First Time to Learn Work Experience
Release time : 2020-07-01         Viewed : 17

On the afternoon of May 24, 2020, our college organized the training of party branch secretaries for students of all grades online, focusing on the construction of party branches and the development of party members, invited Ding Peng, the secretary of the party branch of the 2017 master of law, to develop party employees as the main content. Thematic training. The Secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee and the Secretary of the Party Branch of Law School Undergraduates participated in the training and mobilization. All grade party secretaries, deputy secretaries, and branch members participated in the study.

During the meeting, Sister Ding Peng first based on the four links of party member development: from submitting an application for party membership to being listed as an active member, and then recruiting as a reserve party member, until the reserve party member is turned right, explaining the time node of each link in detail. Requirements, preparation materials and procedures. Among them, the application of membership to the party is a very important and cumbersome part of the party’s work. Joining the party to check whether it is in place, whether the process is accurate, and whether the materials are comprehensive, all directly or indirectly affect the overall quality of the party members and the subsequent development of the party members, so it must be caused Enough attention. To this end, Teacher Fei Qianqian proposed the collective learning process of joining the party. On the one hand, the student party branch secretary’s working ability was improved, and the work efficiency was improved. On the other hand, the party branch secretary was encouraged to join the study and guide students to understand the relevant matters of joining the party in advance. .

        Secondly, Sister Ding Peng elaborated on the meeting conditions of the party branch congress, the meeting process of the party branch party member congress, more than 10 precautions for filling in the party's voluntary letter and the decision template for the regularization, and introduced the filing of party building materials and other precautions.

In addition, Sister Ding Peng shared important work materials during his tenure as party branch secretary, providing valuable experience references for the new party branch secretary. Everyone actively spoke in the Q&A session, and raised their own confusions in their work. Sister Ding Peng led everyone to discuss and solve them.

This training aims to further strengthen the construction of the student party branch, standardize the grass-roots party affairs work of our college, improve the professional quality and ability to perform duties of the student party branch secretary, so that our college party affairs work can be improved from the bottom up and give full play to the student party The branch's battle fortress role. Participants should make full use of the opportunity of centralized training, earnestly study the methods of party affairs work, learn practical operation experience, strive to improve their comprehensive quality, and make due contributions to accelerating the better and faster development of party affairs in our college.

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