Teachers of big data team of our college attended the 3rd online international forum of computational law
Release time : 2020-09-27         Viewed : 13

From September 19 to 20, 2020, the third online international forum of computational Law: development of intelligent industry and innovation of legal system sponsored by the Institute of intelligent rule of law of Tsinghua University was held on line. Professor Liu Yanhong and researcher Wang Lusheng of our college were invited to attend.            

The development of science and technology has brought new opportunities and challenges to legal research and education. The purpose of this conference is to explore the most cutting-edge academic issues of computational law, cultivate the research force of computational law, and promote academic research and personnel training in the cross fields of law and computational science.            

The forum is divided into the main forum and three sub forums. Professor Liu Yanhong of our college attended the main forum and delivered a keynote speech on exploration of leading talent training mode of law big data and artificial intelligence postgraduate, and introduced the exploration experience of Southeast University in the interdisciplinary integration of law and natural sciences. Professor Liu Yanhong believes that in the future development, computational law should emphasize the strategic needs of legal big data artificial intelligence leading talents, and realize the transformation and upgrading of traditional legal field through multidisciplinary integration development. Researcher Wang Lusheng also participated in the corresponding research and exchange.            

The epidemic has accelerated the digital transformation of society and further highlighted the demand for talents training of computational law and interdisciplinary. The distinctive interdisciplinary subjects such as judicial big data, Engineering Law and medical law in our hospital are the innovation of the legal talent training mode in line with the development of the times and the construction of a society ruled by law. The participation of the two teachers is not only an embodiment of their active participation in international chemical exchange, but also will further help the cultivation of compound, practical, interdisciplinary and high-level legal talents in our hospital.

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