Professor Gong Xianghe was Invited to Attend the Special Counseling Report on the Newly Revised Education Law
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In the afternoon of October 20, Professor Gong Xianghe was invited to attend the special counseling report on the newly revised Education Law held by the Party Committee of Nanjing Medical University, and gave a special report on the revision of the Education Law in the process of education rule of law. The lecture was held in D201 Lecture Hall of Dexin Building. All the leaders of the university, the standing committee members, cadres above the deputy section level, party branch secretaries, non-party representatives, teachers above lecturers, teachers of Civics and all counselors attended the meeting, which was hosted by Shen Ruilin, the standing committee member of the party committee and the minister of the propaganda department of the university.


In the lecture, Prof. Gong Xianghe elaborated on five aspects: the development of Chinese education rule of law in the past 40 years, the formulation and revision of the Education Law, the legalization of the Constitution and the Party's proposition, the legal guarantee of education equity, and the outlook of the Education Law. He emphasized that Chinese education is developing and the rule of law is following up. The revision of the Education Law is an important step to implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and the National Education Conference, and is a further improvement of the basic legal system of education. In the opening year of the 14th Five-Year Plan, it is important to deeply understand the significance of the revision of the Education Law, to implement the newly revised Education Law in the whole process and all aspects of education, and to transform it into a vivid situation of deepening education reform and development, and implementing the fundamental task of establishing moral education.


When concluding, Shen Ruilin, a member of the Standing Committee of Nanjing Medical University, pointed out that Professor Gong's report was high in stature, broad in vision, distinctive in theme and rich in content, and would play an important role in promoting further in-depth study and propaganda of the newly revised Education Law for teachers and students across the university. He said that each secondary party organization should seriously organize and carry out the promotion and education of the rule of law in their own units, combine it with the study and education of party history, and enhance the ideological consciousness and action of learning and abiding by the law by holding special reports, talks and exchanges, and thematic class meetings. The majority of party members and cadres should take this centralized study as an opportunity, closely related to the actual education and work responsibilities, to further enhance the rule of law, standardization, scientific level of school business, to create a new situation in the construction of high-level research medical university.


The report will be broadcasted in the first hospital, the second hospital, the fourth hospital, the affiliated dental hospital, the affiliated hospital and Kangda College.

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