Constitutional and Administrative Law

Section of Constitutional and Administrative Law,
  Director: Gu dasong
  Member: Zhou Youyong, Meng Hongzhi, Gong Xianghe, Wang Jinyuan, Zhang Xuelian, Chen Daoying, Li Yuxing, Yu Qingsong.
  This discipline now owns 4 Professors, 2 associate professors and 4 instructors. Professor Zhou Youyong, the academic leader of this discipline, currently serves as the Managing Director of Administrative Law Research Association of Chinese Law, vice chairman of Jiangsu Provincial Administrative Law Research Association, who is also rewarded as the title of the national candidate of “Talents Project” of Ministry of personnel, the candidate of “Program for New Century Excellent Talents”of Ministry of Education, the first batch of young talents of Jiangsu Province “333 High Level Talent Project”, Jiangsu Province Outstanding Young Expert and the Southeast University Professor.
  For a long time, this subject has been formed the advantage of the obvious overall characteristics in the area of “study on the constitutional foundation”, “study on the basic principle of administrative law”, “study of department of administrative law” and “study of regional administrative law”. representative works includes 《良宪论》(汪进元)、《行政法基本原则研究》(周佑勇)、《行政裁量治理研究:一种功能主义的立场》(周佑勇)、《中国行政组织法通论》(孟鸿志)、《部门行政法研究》(孟鸿志)、《行政规划法律规制研究》(孟鸿志)、《区域行政规划研究》(李煜兴)等。
  In recent 5 years, more than 10 important Awards of the Teaching and Research have been reaped. And some are of the most influential, i.e. the 2nd Prize of Ministry of Education the 5th Chinese College of Humanities and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievements, Outstanding Young Teachers in Colleges and Universities Award of Ministry of Education “Henry Fork Education Foundation”,  the provincial education teacher, the national outstanding teacher, the first “Qian Duansheng Law achievement award” and so on. In 2010, the team was name the teaching innovation team of southeast university. In the same year, Administrative Law Course was elected to the provincial excellent course of Jiangsu Province. Many important academic conferences were successfully held, such as “the 2007 Annual Meeting of Administrative Law Research Association of Chinese Law”

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