Civil and Commercial Law

Section of Civil and Commercial Law,
  Director: Shi Jianhui, Chen Yuling
  Member: Xia Yun, Ye Shuli, Gao Ge, Bu Bing, Zhu Changbao
  Ou Yunxiang, Huang Zhe, Ren Danli, Zhang Malin
  This discipline now owns 2 Professors and 8 associate professors. The academic team has been formed with reasonable structure and the research covers the areas including General civil law, property law, tort law, contract law, family law, securities law, taxation, financing law, medical law, etc.

  The subject pays a lot attention on students’ legal practice and forms the advantages and characteristics of practice-based teaching. Participated A number of legal affairs of major construction projects construction and public interest litigation, etc. and a lot of useful advice had given to the government own it high social visibility and influence.
  This subject particularly pays attention on the interdisciplinary, which is the backbone of the two new cross-disciplinary, engineering law and medical law.  By applying the basic of civil law to the research of administrative law, a series of representative works has been achieved. 

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