Criminal Law

Section of Criminal Law,
  Director: Ouyang benqi
  Member: liu yanhong, meng hong, zhou shaohua, li chuan, yang zhiqiong.
  This discipline now owns 3 Professors, 2 associate professors and 2 instructors. The academic team, which is high level and full of young energetic and has reasonable structure, has been formed with Professor Liu Yanhong as the leader.
  This subject has developed its own distinctive features in the fields of research on the basic theory of criminal law, i.e. “the theory of material idea of criminal law“, “the theory of constitution of crime”, “Statutory crimes and the function of the criminal law”,”Absichtsdelikte” and so on. A number of National Social Science Fund Project were host and undertaken, such as, “Research on the theory of material idea of criminal law”, “Research on adaptability of criminal law in the changing society”, and more than  10 Provincial Research were successfully launched.
  The course also focuses on the cross research with administrative criminal law, medical criminal law, construction criminal law and so on, and focuses on hot issues on the judicial practice. Representative works includes books<the general theory of administrative criminal law> and Provincial researches such as “study on the problem of preliminary investigation of duty crime “were undertaken.

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