Shan Pingji, director of the civil procuratorial research center of Southeast University, was invited to give a special lecture on Civil Code for the judicial system of Rugao City, Jiangsu Province
Southeast University's anti-corruption and rule of law research center was approved by Jiangsu University Excellent Innovation Team
Leaders from the Political Department of Jiangsu Higher People's court came to our hospital for cooperation and exchange
Associate Professor Liu Qichuan of our hospital was invited to attend the on-the-spot meeting of Gaochun district urban police joint service law enforcement
Teachers of the judicial big data team of our hospital were invited to participate in the seminar on the planning of scientific and technological innovation in the judicial field
Associate Professor Yi Bo of our hospital was appointed specially invited mediator of Nanjing Intermediate People's court
The Work Research Symposium of the Research Association of the Provincial Law Society was Held in the School of Law of Southeast University
Professor Chen Hongbing from our Institute was Invited to Conduct Criminal Practice Training for Changzhou legal Aid Volunteer Lawyers
Associate Professor Gu Dasong of our School was Invited to Participate in the "China Parking Industry (Summer) Summit Forum"
Jiangsu University Law School Came to our School to Investigate the Construction of First-class Undergraduate Majors
The School of Law Held the 14th Southeast University Party Committee Fifth Inspection Team to Inspect the Law School Party Committee Inspection Opinion Rectification Plan Meeting
Professor Ouyang Benqi of our School Won the 2020 Judicial Research Major Project of the Supreme People's Court
Shan Pingji, Director of the Civil Prosecution Research Base of Southeast University, was Invited to Give a Lecture on the Civil Code for the Jiangsu Procuratorial System
Southeast University Law School Held Self-inspection Meeting on the Mid-term Progress of the National Key Research and Development Plan
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