Two Doctoral Students of our School were Awarded "Xiangjiang Youth Rule of Law Forum" Outstanding Achievement Award
Two of our PhD Students Won the Excellent Paper Award at the Third National Criminal Law Doctoral Forum
The Leadership Team of Yangzhou University College of Law Came to our College for Research
Associate Professor Shan Pingji was Invited to Give a Special Training Lecture for Civil Prosecution System in Jiangsu Province
Wei Wensong, a Doctoral Student, and Li Jiying, a Master's Student, were Awarded the 10th Ying Songnian Scholarship in Administrative Law
Law School Held a Conference for All Teachers to Focus on Teacher Moral and Teacher Style Education
Our Doctoral Graduates were Awarded the "National Social Science Foundation of China (NSSF) 2021 Post-Grant and Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Publication Project"
Theoretical Study Group of the Party Committee of the School of Law Studied the Regulations on Propaganda Work of the Communist Party of China
Mo Fan, a Master's Student of our School, was Awarded the Honor of "Excellent Legal Intern" by the Third Circuit Court of the Supreme People's Court
Our Faculty Set up Practice Units in Shuyang County, Suqian City
Associate Professor Shan Pingji was Invited to Attend the 2021 Annual Conference of the Civil Law Research Society of the Chinese Law Society
Editorial Reviewer He Bosheng: Mathematical Interpretation of Legal Culture
The Opening Ceremony of Southeast University College of Law 2021 was Held in the Lecture Hall of Ji Zhong Building on Jiulong Lake Campus.
Prof. Ouyang Benqi and Others were Invited to Participate in the Academic Forum on "The Function and Positioning of Criminal Law in Social Governance
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